Brand New morning yoga course

  • Monday - Friday
  • 6:30am - 7:45am
  • 5 different classes
  • A different class every day of the week
  • 20 classes in total
  • Suitable for all levels

Regular yoga practice is so beneficial to our bodies and minds. Our bodies respond well to repetition, the more we do a certain movement the stronger the movement pattern from the brain to the muscle becomes, i.e. muscle memory. 

However to maintain the bodies best functionality and mobility, variation of movements is also important. Over the 5 days per week you will notice the same movements/postures cropping up, but with slightly different approaches to intensity and in different sequences.


LEARN TO FLY. Aerial yoga is a very useful class, both to build upper body strength and full body flexibility. The support from the hammock allows you to let go and get deeper into poses that you perhaps wouldn't be able to in traditional yoga classes. For this reason its brilliant to help improve the flexibility and mobility of the spine, helping to eliminate back pain. As you have to support your own body weight in certain poses, it's also very useful to build upper body strength and shoulder flexibility. 

Inversions are one of the main reasons people come to Aerial yoga! Again, the hammock helps to support your body as you take on all the upside-down poses and learn to fly.

Key Benefits: Improves Upper body and core strength - Releases tension from the bones and muscles - Increases spinal and shoulder flexibility

1 x Fierce Grace - Wild

GET RIPPED (not torn.) WILD is a unique combination of Yoga’s strength poses, Kundalini Yoga, Core strengthening, Qui Gong, HIIT and Super Slow training. Constant movement combined with long slow strength holds, bring about an effective combination of freedom and control. Strengthens and sculpts every inch of your body while benefitting your joints. We work core, legs, neck, arms, back and glutes. This high energy, stamina building class is great for endurance, muscle tone, and weight loss. Perfect for flexible people who need to strengthen. If you are looking for weight loss, long lean muscle and cardio vascular conditioning this is the class for you.

Key Benefits: Improves alignment and joint mobility - Builds stamina, core power and strength - Yogic breathing balances the nervous system - Burns serious calories whilst sculpting every inch of your body

1 X Posture clinic

Get your shapes fixed. Due to the pace of normal yoga classes, you'll never have the teachers undevided attention, meaning little mistakes in alignment are often missed. During posture clinic we will break everything down and work through the most common mistakes in yoga poses and also work on postures that you're having trouble with or are unsure of the correct alignment for.

Key Benefits: Builds confidence that you can take away and into public classes - Prevents injuries by teaching you how to move properly and more safely - Open discussion for you to ask any questions you might have regarding your yoga practice.


A motivating class designed to work 100% of the body and leave you energised for the day

Move with your breath. Have fun whilst you're at it. Build strength and flexibility, work hard and 

enjoy a head massage to reward your hard work

Key Benefits: Builds core, upper and lower body strength - Helps build endurance and encourages correct breathing


Just the right amount of zen. Deep Rooted Stretch is a yin inspired class and the prefect class to finish your busy week. Stretch out with deeper, slower, more passive holds in this floor based class, working deeply into the hips, shoulders and spine. There is a strong emphasis on breath and you will be reminded to breath properly and fully throughout class. Feel lighter in your mind and longer in your body as you relax and let go.

Key Benefits: De-stresses body and mind - Allows the body the time to open up on its own, without force - Helps to neutralise the spine and pelvis - Helps to learn correct breathing


4th - 29th May 2020


6:30am - 7:45am

Liverpool Yoga Studios

Event Details

4th - 29th May 2020


£120 LYS Members 

£150 Non Members

6:30am - 7:45am

Liverpool Yoga Studios


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